Enrolling in the Rosary Confraternity

To enroll in the Dominican Rosary Confraternity, please do all of the following:

1.  Print and complete the following form below

Remember:  if you are also enrolling your children, please complete a separate form for each child.

2.  Sign the form.

A signature makes it official, and without which we cannot enroll you.    Any person above the age of reason needs to sign his own form (for example, even a seven year old should sign it).

3.  Mail the completed form(s) to:

Rosary Confraternity Secretary

PO BOX 134

ST. MARYS, KS   66536

God bless and reward you, and Our Lady protect you and yours!

– The Dominican Fathers of Avrille

The signup form should appear shortly beneath this.  If it does not, you can view the form directly by clicking here.


Download the PDF file .